Oversized/Out-of-the-Ordinary Trash

How to dispose of oversized trash.

16 Apr 2016

If you have an item that can not, or should not, be placed in a dumpster, you can place the item inside the enclosure on the pedestrian side. Each Wednesday, CR&R sends a truck to collect these items.

If you have electronics to dispose of, please follow the following steps:

Call CR&R at 877-728-0446

Follow the prompts to make a service call for a multi-family/commercial property. They will ask for the location of the item(s) (provide the nearest unit number), the name on the account (Mandevilla Condominium Association), and the phone number on the account (714-573-4500).

Please keep in mind that not all trash can go in the dumpsters. Paint, car batteries, furniture, appliances, electronics, all construction materials, etc. will not be collected. CR&R will simply skip the dumpster and stick a ticket on it. The HOA then has to pay the janitorial service to come and remove the items so the trash can be collected. The blue bins are for regular household trash and the white bins are for standard recyclable materials. Hazardous materials, such as paint, must be taken to a proper disposal site by the resident or homeowner. The HOA is unable to dispose of these items.