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Memos from the Board

  • Latest: Memo November 2019
    Maintenance Updates, Monthly Assessment, Reserve Fund, Annual Meeting Announcement, Owner/Tenant Responsibilities
  • Memo April 2017
    Seasonal Owners, Dryer Vents, Approval on Architectural Changes, Wind Damage, Submitting Complaints in Writing
  • Memo April 2018
    New PPM Contact David J. Schuknecht, Safety, Pets and Pools, Reserve Fund
  • Memo August 2017
    Changes to the Onsite Office, Short Term Rentals.
  • Memo February 2017
    Seasonal Tenants and New Parking Numbers, Flood Insurance, Annual Meeting, Personal Items in Common Areas, New Board Member
  • Memo February 2019
    Good News About Budgets, Reserves, and Communication.
  • Memo January 2018
    Cancellation of Annual Meeting Due To Shortage of Votes, Maintenance Update, Onsite Office
  • Memo January 2019
    Annual Meeting Recap, Election Results, and Miscellaneous Business.
  • Memo July 2017
    Short Term Rental Ordinance, Landscape Changes, Rules about Common Areas, Submitting Complaints in Writing
  • Memo March 2019
    Rules & Regulations and Remodeling
  • Memo May 2019
    Thoughts on Elections and Board Meetings
  • Memo November 2018
    Year End News, New Monthly Assessment, Annual Meeting,

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