Latest Newsletter from the HOA President and the Board of Directors (March 2020)

Pool Closures, Fees Waived, due to Coronavirus

23 Mar 2020

Palm Canyon Villas Homeowners Association
March 2020

Life As We Know It Has Changed . . .

I am sure we are all probably getting tired of hearing about the Covid-19 Coronavirus that the world is currently dealing with. It seems to be the Number One topic on our news programs and in our daily conversations with family and friends. No matter whom we are or where we live, no matter if we are still working or are in retirement, this coronavirus pandemic is going to be the cause of many changes in our lives and probably will last for a while. The things we always take for granted and expect to be there for us - food items, paper towels, bottled water and strangely toilet paper are in the near term in short supply. We can all help that problem and not hoard items we do not need right now. Our available supply chains for markets and larger businesses such as Wal-Mart, Target and Costco type of stores have not stopped working, should not slow down and are able to continue to deliver items for consumer use. Larger stores are even hiring new employees just for stocking shelves. This should all settle down soon.

P C V Complex Changes . . .

For the safety of everyone, we closed entrance to the on-site office last week. Our on-site manager is working his usual schedule, and in all honesty, is working more than the usual number of hours. Our goal is to make sure the complex continues to run smoothly but, more importantly, in a safe and healthy manner for the good of all of our owners and residents.

In an attempt to keep one step ahead of potentially spreading germs, your board made the decision to close the pools and spas. No one likes change and especially if it inconveniences us so the on-site manager made over 50 calls to owners known to be currently at the complex to announce this change. We thank you all for your understanding and cooperation. Days after we made these decisions, we received recommendations from numerous sources to do exactly what we did. Again, we try to be one step ahead – for your safety.

Additionally, it was decided to close the two back gates along Hwy 111 in order to better control not only the repeated vandalism of the gates, but also to reduce the number of unauthorized individuals accessing our private property. Once again we truly appreciate your understanding and cooperation during these times.

The Economics of Living – We Are Here To Help . . .

Due to the shutdown of all but essential businesses in our state, the board is aware that many people may be out of work on a temporary basis. This will naturally cause more than the usual strain many of us deal with in paying our regular bills. The worst part of this is that we don’t know how long this “temporary basis” may last. We are happy that we have not had to increase our monthly assessments for a few years, even though our costs have increased. Every little bit helps. Nonetheless, we realize your bills continue. In trying to assist you, your board of directors has authorized PPM to waive any late fees for this payment for the next four months. April through July payments will still be due on the 1st of the month and will need to be paid but if they are late for any reason, you will not be charged a late fee during this period. We will review this as an ongoing situation and let you know of any further changes.

And The Usual . . .

This is our ongoing reminder. Our on-site manager is available by phone most weekday mornings for questions you may have regarding your unit or something having to do with the complex. There is no need to wait for a board meeting. Any question you have can be taken care of during the week or by leaving a message at the office telephone - (760) 324-4835 - available 24/7. He will return your call that morning or during the following business day. He is also available via e-mail at PCVCHOA@AOL.COM. Should there be any emergency and he is not available - only something you would need to call 911 for - you can call the Personalized Property Management at (760) 325-9500 and someone will assist you.
Please - Be Safe and Remain Healthy . . .

On behalf of the Board of Directors

David J. Meyer President and Treasurer