Latest Newsletter from the HOA President and the Board of Directors

16 May 2019

May 2019

As I sit in my den this afternoon, contemplating what I will be writing to owners of Palm Canyon Villas and trying to decide what many subjects I want to share with them, I cannot forget that today is Mother’s Day in the USA. I have had the pleasure of speaking or communicating with many people today and extending the wishes of a Happy Mother’s Day to each of them. I realize how important it is to keep in touch with family and friends, keep communication open and continue to do what we can to make things better for everyone around us. As I returned to writing this memo, I realized I and the board of directors have pretty much the same feelings and responsibility toward Palm Canyon Villas; wish everyone well, keep communication open and transparent and try to maintain the complex as best we can for every owner or resident.

As I look back on the last board meeting and review the many subjects that came up, it again seems that owners and board members all desire the same things. Two hundred and twenty four owners purchased units in Palm Canyon Villas for either a residence or a second home, maybe for vacation or rental. Two hundred and twenty four owners received, were asked to review and then were required by the State of California to approve and accept the governing documents that direct the board of directors on how to maintain the complex. Two hundred and twenty four owners want their complex run and maintained well. Why would they not? So, we are all in agreement.

Two hundred and twenty four owners also annually choose volunteer owners to serve on their board to take care of their interests. Elections count and it is important to have board members that are looking out for your best interests. Over the years we have had owners try to encourage their neighbors to vote them on to the board so they can try to influence the board or push their personal agenda. If that personal agenda happens to also benefit the entire complex, all the better for everyone. Occasionally is does not and it only slows down the work of the board. Just remember – Elections Count.

As has been relayed at annual meetings, we encourage owners to attend regular board meetings and, if that is not possible, we encourage them to view the minutes posted at our web site - Any decision regarding your complex is discussed in open session prior to making any final decision. Questions are encouraged at homeowner forums at the beginning and end of each open board meeting. It is your Association – we work for you.

No more comments about owners or tenants not following rules this time. I am sure you are as tired of hearing about that as the board is of having to present it. You and you’re your neighbors know who you are. The board is merely doing its job you elected us to do. If everyone just follows the basic rules we have, the complex would be a safer and happier place to live.

Respectfully and On behalf of your Board of Directors,

David J. Meyer
President and Treasurer