Latest Newsletter from the HOA President and the Board of Directors (November 2019)

Maintenance Updates, Monthly Assessment, Reserve Fund, Annual Meeting Announcement, Owner/Tenant Responsibilities

14 Nov 2019

Palm Canyon Villas  
Homeowners Association

 November 2019

Year End News
It is that time of the year again when a new year is almost upon us, the holidays will soon be here and our seasonal owners and guests are already starting to arrive. As we attempt to do each year, our clean up and special projects are pretty much completed as we anticipate our population to soon double or triple. I believe the complex is in great shape and I hope many of you will notice the numerous changes we have made this past year, all for your benefit.

We recently held our November Board of Directors meeting and approved a number of items regarding your association. One of the items of most interest to you will be the annual budget for 2020. Budget approval is probably one of the more important decisions board members make. No one wants to raise monthly assessments. As I mentioned last year, “Leave them low, make your neighbors happy with you and get voted back on the board when your term ends”. Kicking the can down the road is easy but very dangerous. Your current board and the boards for the past few years have been extremely diligent in watching over expenses, maintaining the complex in a first-class condition and being sure to watch and plan for the future. We have never thought about kicking the can down the road or passing the buck to the next board. Each year, every line item is reviewed and discussed. Water rates may increase but we’ve cut down on the use of water. Electric rates may increase but we’ve repaired items when needed with lower usage replacements. There was a bit of robbing Peter to pay Paul but I’m happy to announce that the board approved that the monthly assessment will remain at the same $350.00 per month for next year.

Years ago, when I returned to work on the board, my goals were to watch over all expense items, keep the property clean and safe and most importantly, build up the Reserve Fund. After being nearly broke, we have continued to build up the fund each year for a number of years with my personal goal of reaching $1 Million. We hit that $1 Million mark at the end of 2017 and even with funds used for major repairs and equipment replacement during the past two years, we’ve still maintained that balance. We may be able to add some excess funds once 2019 accounting books are finalized. The board for the past few years has done a wonderful job and I can only hope I have the luxury of working with the same exceptional people next year and in the future.

Annual Membership Meeting

At the end of November, you will be receiving information about our annual membership meeting. Again, those of you that have been owners for a few years, you will recall hearing from the board annually in almost begging, pleading, ranting and raving about returning ballots. Per our CC&R’s we require over 50% to be returned to constitute a quorum. That means we need the help of at least 113 of you to complete the above. Please assist us in completing your ballot as soon as possible once received and mail as quickly as possible. Thank you in advance.

Owners and their Tenant Responsibilities

Each year we need to remind owners that questions and assistance for their tenants is their responsibility or that of any chosen management company they may hire. Coordination of any kind with the tenants, be it for repairs, lost keys, mailbox problems, cable TV, etc. must come from the owner or management company and not the on-site office. The on-site office does not and can not take care of rentals and any such calls will be referred to the owner.

Maintenance and Operations Office

Just the usual reminder, our on-site manager is still available by phone most weekday mornings for questions you may have regarding your unit or something having to do with the complex. There is no need to wait for a board meeting. Any question you have can be taken care of during the week or by leaving a message at the office telephone (760) 324-4835. He will return your call that morning or during the following business day. He is also available via e-mail at PCVCHOA@AOL.COM. Should there be any emergency and he is not available - only something you would need to call 911 for - you can call the Personalized Property Management at (760) 325-9500 and someone will assist you.

Thank you for your interest in your Association. We wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to you all.
On behalf of the Board of Directors

David J. Meyer
President and Treasurer