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Welcome to the Haciendas at La Quinta, a 65 home gated community surrounded by the lush, verdant landscapes of the Dunes Course at La Quinta Resort & Spa, located at the base of the beautiful Santa Rosa Mountains in La Quinta, California, just a short walk from Old Town La Quinta. Reminiscent of the Haciendas of old, these quaint, ranch-style homes are spacious and have been designed to encourage family life as well as active entertaining. The entrance gates are located 50 yards east of the southeast corner of Eisenhower St. and 50th Avenue.
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a) Homes adjoining the golf course that do not have a wall installed may erect a fence on their property. These fences allowed on the property line separating the golf course must meet the following criteria. (1) Fences must be constructed of 1½ ” steel or aluminum square tubing on both top and bottom rails as well as posts. Posts are to be no more than six feet apart. Low profile postcaps are allowed, finials are not. Balusters (or spindles) must be constructed of 5/8” square tubing of the same material spaced 3½ to 4” apart. Gates are not permitted. Backing is not allowed. (See Painting Guidelines for fencing color.) (2) All fences must be 32 inches or shorter (3) The top of fences running in front of infinity pools must not be taller than the infinity edge. (4) Fencing is not allowed within the easement provided for the KSL Desert Resorts, Inc. (5) Hedges or plants must be installed along the fencing and maintained no higher than 30” (per Landscape Heights Guidelines). Plants/hedges must obscure the fencing from off property.
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